PubMed Commons: New Space for Discussion among Researchers

Earlier this week, NCBI announced the released a pilot of PubMed Commons, a feature that enables commenting on article abstracts by researchers. According to the NCBI blog, the new feature is in response to requests by the scientific community. Their goal is to encourage constructive criticism and discussion of scientific issues. For now, PubMed Commons is … Continue reading PubMed Commons: New Space for Discussion among Researchers

New NCBI News Site

The National Center for Biotechnolgy Information (NCBI) recently launched a new news site, which will replace the NCBI Newsletter to allow for more up-to-date content delivery, and easy sharing through networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. Be sure to explore the new site here:

OpenHelix Trial through May 15, 2013!

The University of Michigan currently has a full access 30-day trial to the OpenHelix tutorial suites, providing over 100 tutorials on powerful and popular bioinformatics and genomics databases and tools.  Each suite includes an online tutorial that teaches the basics of how to use a particular resource, in addition to other training materials. OpenHelix has … Continue reading OpenHelix Trial through May 15, 2013!

Genetic Testing Registry

After announcing in 2010 that the National Institutes of Health would create a public database to enhance access to information about genetic testing, the Beta version of the Genetic Testing Registry  or GTR was released by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the same division of the National Library of Medicine that provides PubMed.  GTR's … Continue reading Genetic Testing Registry