Data Management Webinar: Introduction to the DMPTool

We've harped about how data management is the next (I'd say logical) frontier for library services, and invariably whenever I hear this reaffirmed, there is one tool that is synonymous with those efforts: DMPTool. I'd previously described DMPTool as a resource that "lets institutions and researchers create boilerplate templates, which are then customizable for diverse … Continue reading Data Management Webinar: Introduction to the DMPTool

Curating & Managing Research Data

Effectively managing research data is no small feat, yet it is becoming an ever more important component in the research process. Last summer we wrote about the topics to watch in librarianship as reflected in the 2012 Medical Libraries Association conference, and data management was one of the star features. Fortunately for us at the … Continue reading Curating & Managing Research Data

Funding Pulse – October

Welcome to a new monthly series, Funding Pulse (as you may well have guessed from the title), in which I'll highlight current news in biomedical and health funding. In the future, you can find all Funding Pulse stories under the eponymous category. October's pieces are courtesy of the University Record: Disease advocacy has changed how medical research is … Continue reading Funding Pulse – October

On the Horizon: Librarians & Data Management

On the Horizon continues! What else have we brought back from MLA'12? A better understanding of the needs of diverse audiences. We work with a large variety of researchers between the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Public Health, in addition to the University of Michigan Health System, and every researcher can have a … Continue reading On the Horizon: Librarians & Data Management