2014 MeSH Terms Released

It's the most wonderful time of the year, Medline Data Changes for 2014 have been announced! 304 new Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms were added to MeSH for 2014.   Some of the new concepts are: (Anatomy) Autografts, Heterografts, and Isografts; (Organisms) Lancelets; (Chemicals and Drugs) Filamins, Nutritive Sweetners; and (Phenomena & Processes) Portion Size, Serving … Continue reading 2014 MeSH Terms Released

Welcome New University of Michigan Medical School Faculty!

As you're enjoying your orientation sessions today, we've compiled some of the resources you may come across if you stop by the Taubman Health Sciences Library booth in Palmer Commons: Find your Liaison Librarian Health Sciences Mobile Device Resources Health Sciences Grant Information Portal (HS-GIP) Don't forget, you can always access the Taubman Health Sciences … Continue reading Welcome New University of Michigan Medical School Faculty!

New Online Decision Aid for EBM Answers to Clinical Questions

One of our most-beloved resources has been a table we hand out to students that points them to the type of resource that would be best-suited to answer specific clinical questions. That table has been turned into an interactive portion of our website! Step 1: From the drop-down menu, select the type of clinical question … Continue reading New Online Decision Aid for EBM Answers to Clinical Questions

Revisions to the canon: DSM V

Coming out this month is the revision to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - this will be the 5th edition (DSM-V). The current/4th edition was published in 1994. According to a recent commentary in Health Affairs, however, this latest revision has "missed crucial population-level and social determinants of mental health disorders and … Continue reading Revisions to the canon: DSM V

Updates to National Guidelines Clearinghouse Features

The National Guidelines Clearinghouse (also known as guidelines.gov, from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) is an ever-evolving resource for practice guidelines. It's latest feature is the Guideline Matrix, that lets you customize criteria for locating practice guidelines. You can find the guideline matrix from the main page: You can create interesting matrices - … Continue reading Updates to National Guidelines Clearinghouse Features

New Personalized Options for Clinical Guidelines

The option to get a personalized account with the National Guidelines Clearinghouse we mentioned earlier has launched! Sure, it may be one more log-in and password to remember (read: write down somewhere), but by creating a profile with the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, you can access some of the new features to customize your clinical guidelines … Continue reading New Personalized Options for Clinical Guidelines

Personalize Your National Guidelines Clearinghouse

The National Guidelines Clearinghouse announced that it would be adding a slew of customization features (although, sadly, no date for the new options has been announced). Users of the popular clearinghouse will be able to: Keep track of your recently viewed guidelines via a personal home page Save guidelines to a "favorite content" area Create … Continue reading Personalize Your National Guidelines Clearinghouse

On the Horizon: #mHealth

Continuing the series on the Medical Libraries Association 2012 conference from last week's post, this week we'll examine a trend clearly at the forefront in the health sciences: mobile resources, and particularly how our patrons utilize them in the course of daily work. Several Taubman attendees at MLA'12 pointed to a presentation from the University … Continue reading On the Horizon: #mHealth

Try this database: Nursing Reference Center

Nursing Reference Center is a web-based nursing reference system designed to provide the latest evidence-based clinical information for nursing practice, education and research at the point-of-care. It is international in scope and includes the following features: evidence-based content clinically organized quick lessons evidence-based care sheets nursing practice & skill worksheets skill competency hecklists internationally accreditred … Continue reading Try this database: Nursing Reference Center

#mHealth: Mobile Apps & Sites

You know a trend has caught on when Mashable posts about it. Mobile health (or #mHealth, for the Twitterati out there), whether in the form of mobile sites, apps, or technologies is becoming increasingly prevalent among both consumers and health practitioners. Keeping up with reputable sources, however, can be a challenge. Fortunately, the National Library of Medicine … Continue reading #mHealth: Mobile Apps & Sites