World Immunization Week

Immunize for a healthy future - Know. Check. Protect. This week marks World Immunication Week 2014.  World Immunization Week is designed to remind people about the effectiveness of vaccination. According to the World Health Organization:  2 - 3 million deaths are avoided through immunization vaccine preventable diseases include: anthrax, measles, rubella, tetanus, mumps, rubella, rabies … Continue reading World Immunization Week

Want to Learn or Teach a Bioinformatics or Genomics Resource? Use OpenHelix

What’s new in 2014?  The Taubman Health Sciences Library now has a subscription to OpenHelix, an excellent web-based resource that provides over 100 tutorial suites on the most powerful and popular bioinformatics and genomics databases and tools.  Each suite contains a video tutorial, downloadable slides and handouts, and exercises to help you learn how to … Continue reading Want to Learn or Teach a Bioinformatics or Genomics Resource? Use OpenHelix

Request for Information for NIH

Even though the government is currently shut down, there are some outstanding Request for Information (RFI) notices out there for which the National Institutes of Health are seeking public comments.  These RFIs provide opportunities for you to have your comments and thoughts heard on specific topics, so let your voice be heard.  Here are some … Continue reading Request for Information for NIH

Who Should receive a Transplant Organ?

My father-in-law received a liver transplant over 10 years ago.  He was fortunate.  Not just because he was generally asymptomatic and never felt like a person who was in liver failure, but also because he actually received one.  I often think about this life changing event in his life because I was pregnant with my … Continue reading Who Should receive a Transplant Organ?

Center for Statistical Consultation And Research

The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR) provides free statistical consulting to all UM researchers with the design, planning, analysis, and presentation of research studies. CSCAR also presents workshops on data analysis methods and statistical software. Fall, Winter and Spring workshop offerings include Statistics Review, SAS, SPSS, Stata, SEM and Analysis with R. There … Continue reading Center for Statistical Consultation And Research