New Resources from the NLM: Subject Guides

Have you ever REALLY wanted to know more about health statistics? What about library statistics? Conference Proceedings? Well, apparently a lot of people had questions on those topics and the ever vigilant librarians in the Public Services Division at the National Library of Medicine have responded! They have created a new set of subject guides … Continue reading New Resources from the NLM: Subject Guides

Staying Healthy in the Big House

Football is a way of life in the fall, but the football lifestyle can have its unhealthy edges. During the first game of the season, reported: Paramedics treated 114 people for medical issues, and nine people required hospitalization. Yikes! That's not a good way to enjoy one of Fall's greatest pastimes. Luckily, Mark Lowell, … Continue reading Staying Healthy in the Big House

Disinfecting iPads in Clinical Settings

In honor of an impending cold and flu season, let's talk about disinfecting iPads or other mobile health tools that are used in clinical settings. A recent study done by iMedical Apps started out by stating the obvious: using mHealth clinical tools fills great information gaps, but also allows for a significant amount of microbial surface … Continue reading Disinfecting iPads in Clinical Settings

UMHS 5th Most Social Media Friendly Hospital

Congratulations are in order!, an organization that advocates for healthcare administration worldwide, recently cultivated a list of the 50 most social media friendly hospitals. They found that UMHS was the 5th best hospital in terms of social media use. To compile the list, they looked at the number of followers each institution has on different … Continue reading UMHS 5th Most Social Media Friendly Hospital

AHRQ Update: Making Health Care Safer II

The AHRQ has put out an updated Making Health Care Safer report as a sequel to the initial 2001 report.  The influential and controversial 2001 report became the cornerstone of many patient safety practices, but many safety indicators haven't improved as much as was hoped.  As a result, the current report sought to look at … Continue reading AHRQ Update: Making Health Care Safer II

President Mary Sue Coleman on the “Innovation Deficit”

President Mary Sue Coleman, along with 163 other university presidents and chancellors, wrote an open letter in Politico to the leaders in Washington D.C. to close the "innovation deficit." in·no·va·tion def·i·citnoun [in-uh-vey-shuhn def-uh-sit] (From 1. the gap between needed and actual federal investments in research and higher education. 2. the flat or declining investment in … Continue reading President Mary Sue Coleman on the “Innovation Deficit”

The Science Behind “Near-Death Experiences”

Some patients who survive cardiac arrest report a distinctive “near-death experience.” They describe seeing light and experiencing a sense of heightened reality, but physicians have debated if a dying brain is actually capable of such activity. A recent study from the University of Michigan Health System sought to explore this phenomenon. This is the first study … Continue reading The Science Behind “Near-Death Experiences”

CDC Finds Childhood Obesity Declined

Here’s some good news from the CDC to start your day! According to a report released earlier this month, childhood obesity among low income preschoolers is on the decline. Here’s the breakdown: Nineteen states saw decreases. Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, South Dakota, and the U.S. Virgin Islands showed the greatest decreases Twenty states and … Continue reading CDC Finds Childhood Obesity Declined