National Medical Librarians Month 2014

October is, among many other things, National Medical Librarians Month.  The Medical Library Association has over 3300 members across the United States and Canada.  Once a year we hold a national conference in cities across North America and share our contributions to the field and our collaborations with hospitals, health systems, and health sciences programs at colleges and universities.  The Medical Library Association is over 110 years old; it was founded in 1898 by four librarians and four physicians as the Association of Medical Librarians.  If you are interested in learning more about the history of the professional association, please explore the MLA Milestones page.

National Medical Library Month  from the Medical Library Association (2012)
National Medical Librarian Month from the Medical Library Association (2012)

At Taubman Health Sciences Library, we strive to provide information expertise inside and beyond the library.  We are partners with the health sciences community at the University of Michigan, collaborators in academic, research, and clinical activities, and partners with faculty to facilitate learning.  Importantly, we also endeavor to meet the evolving needs of faculty partners and jump into new areas of practice quickly while also providing tailored programs and services.

Our physical space is currently getting a face lift but it is important to realize that our library is more than a space, it’s the people.  And for the month of October, we celebrate our hard work and dedication to our profession and the communities with which we collaborate.

NMLM Flyer
National Medical Librarians Month 2014

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