World Refugee Day

“On World Refugee Day, I call on the international community to intensify efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts, and to help achieve peace and security so that families can be reunited and refugees can return home.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Unfortunately, a day doesn’t go by when we don’t encounter the brutality of individuals and families fleeing their homes in fear of persecution. The UNHCR global trends report released today notes that 51.2 million were forcibly displaced at the end of 2013, and that 25,300 asylum applications were from unaccompanied or separated children in 77 countries.


On World Refugee Day, we wanted to point you to resources to help you find health related refugee information.

  • Refugee Health Information Network is a “national collaborative partnership that has created a database of quality multilingual, public health resources for those providing care to resettled refugees and asylees” and provides health education and provider tools.
  • MLibrary Research Guides on Global Health and Refugees and Migration can steer you to a wide range of journal articles, government documents, NGO content, and other resources for your refugee-related research.

Finally, be sure to spend a moment looking UNHCR refugee stories, where you can view the individual impact of displacement.

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