World Water Day 2014: U.N. Focuses Energy on Energy

Today is World Water Day 2014, and the United Nations has chosen to emphasize the link between water and energy. This was surprising to me, because looking at the Millennium Development Goals (developed in 2000), there were no goals specifically related to energy usage or even the mention of global warming. When I think about international development/global health and water, I first think of the prevention of communicable diseases (cholera, guinea worm, etc.) and access to clean drinking water, which are addressed as part of the MDG goals. The United Nation’s reminder is timely and important:


In the last year, I have gained a better understanding about the successes and the limitations of the Millennium Development Goals, and today’s celebration is a further revelation for me:energy and climate change were completely left out in 2000 as international development goals, even though they are absolutely determinants for the future of people’s health globally. I wonder if the SDGs will tackle the issues of energy, climate change and water?

For more (incredibly timely) information, please check out UNWater’s World Water Development Report, which was released YESTERDAY, 3/21/2014.

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