Chemical Concerns : What is in My Makeup?

Makeup Brush
Makeup Brush by Matt Trostle CC BY 2.0

I was at the Ann Arbor YMCA the other day and overheard two women questioning the safety of chemicals used in makeup and other over the counter personal products. This conversation was prompted by someone’s sunscreen running into their eyes, making them partially blind for a few minutes, causing her to wonder if there are any chemicals in there she should be really worried about. I thought I would do a search for information about the safety of chemicals in makeup and share my results since it seems to be something people are interested in:

  1. A good place to start is this FDA Fact Sheet article. It’s a quick two page PDF that has excellent tips on makeup use and regulation.
  2. put out this great guide to cosmetics. It answers questions like “what’s in cosmetics” and “how can I protect myself against the dangers cosmetics?”
  3. Interested in how the government regulates cosmetics? Check out this informative website on the process.
  4. Here’s an entire webpage dedicated to the safety of eye cosmetics. Anyone who has spent the day with irritated eyes might find this very useful
  5. Test your knowledge and take this FDA online quiz. I took the quiz and got several wrong- you might be surprised by the answers too!

Those are just a few links to get you started. MedlinePlus always has tons of material on health issues too. Check out this page if any of your questions are still unanswered!

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