Tough Topics on Twitter — Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): (Week of February 10, 2014)

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Tough topics come up all the time on Twitter, and many of the Twitter chats explicitly present challenging concepts. Sometimes it works better than others. In general, people tend to think that Twitter won’t lend itself to this, because of the forced brevity of tweets, but sometimes it works surprisingly well. Last week, there were two Twitter chats that used Twitter exceptionally well to make a difference in clinical practice and real world interventions on topics as tough as domestic violence and suicide.

The first one was the #bioethx chat on ethical challenges in providing care to victims of domestic violence. For this chat they presented challenging questions derived from real case studies, such as what if the victim protects their abuser, what if known victim suddenly stops showing up for appointments, what if victim can’t afford (or access funds) to pay for medical treatment, what are the ethics of discharging (or not) a victim back into the abusive situation.

What happened was really interesting. Clinicians tended to respond with their sense of what should happen, and then domestic violence survivors jumped in and said, “That isn’t realistic, and this is why.” That conversation was so powerful, complex, and intricate, especially the parts related to informed consent and coercion, I’m not going to try to replicate the conversation in this blogpost, but only share the links and resources that were recommended as a mini-tutorial at the close of the session. You might want to skim the actual transcript for the full conversation.

The second challenging Twitter chat was last night, the Suicide Prevention and Social Media (#SPSM) chat, where they interviewed a team of volunteers who have developed strategies for using Twitter to identify possible suicide attempts, and to intervene. Yes, really. Here’s a Storify version of that chat, for which again, I will share highlights only.



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