Mission to Debunk Myths Drives World Cancer Day (2/4/14)



Health communication experts will tell you that  one method of gaining attention for health messages is to begin by revealing gaps in the audience’s knowledge. People are uncomfortable with these gaps, and seek the knowledge they need to resolve them.  In a sense, these knowledge gaps lead to the curiosity and research questions that drive people to seek informational resources, conduct research and schedule consultations with informationists (which is why libraries exist!).

This year’s World Cancer Day (themed “Debunk the Myths) wields this “information gap” to gain our attention in two ways:

1) Wait, what are common myths about cancer?

2) Ok, those are the myths… what is the reality? 

Check out the official website for World Cancer Day, to find 4 salient myths, as well as the correct information and “global advocacy messages” in-line with the overall goal of generating discourse and action regarding cancer prevention and treatment.


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