Want to Learn or Teach a Bioinformatics or Genomics Resource? Use OpenHelix

openhelixWhat’s new in 2014?  The Taubman Health Sciences Library now has a subscription to OpenHelix, an excellent web-based resource that provides over 100 tutorial suites on the most powerful and popular bioinformatics and genomics databases and tools.  Each suite contains a video tutorial, downloadable slides and handouts, and exercises to help you learn how to effectively and efficiently use the resource.  Training materials and resources are searchable by keyword.   This resource can be used for teaching oneself how to use specific resources and/or to get ideas and materials for teaching others.

To use OpenHelix, simply go to http://www.openhelix.com/.

What are some of the resources that have tutorial suites in OpenHelix? A few examples are:

  • Allen Mouse Brain Atlas
  • Cytoscape
  • dbSNP
  • FlyBase
  • Galaxy
  • KEGG
  • UCSC Genome Browser

Please note that the above list is just a small sampling of the resources that have tutorials available in OpenHelix.

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