Mind the Science Gap ends

MTSG_H8I’m sad to report that Mind the Science Gap, a science communication training blog from the University of Michigan School of Public Health,  has ended.

In January 2012, Mind The Science Gap was launched as a unique approach to helping public health graduate students at the University of Michigan hone their science communication skills.  Since then, we’ve seen nearly 400 posts, over 4000 comments, half a million page views, and some fantastic writing on science and public health.  And most importantly, the course has provided nearly 40 early career public health professionals with a unique set of communication skills.

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to end at some time, and Mind The Science Gap is no exception.  The course started as an experiment in how social media can be used to develop and enhance science communication skills.  In this it was highly successful.  But it was also extremely time consuming, dependent on feedback from readers and other science communicators, and reliant on the participants being able to navigate complex and sometimes controversial topics from the get-go.  And as my time has become increasingly taken up with my academic responsibilities as department chair and director of the University of Michigan Risk Science Center, I sadly find myself having less time than necessary to devote to the course and its students.

On top of this, it has become increasingly difficult to encourage readers and other science writers and communicators to provide critical feedback to the course participants.

Read more on their website, & read some of the almost 400 posts that you may have missed.

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