Yelp Partnering with Libraries to Improve Online Information

information has moved
“Information has moved…” by Choffee CC BY-SA 2.0

OCLC, in an effort to give libraries better online presence, is partnering with Yelp to increase the information about libraries in Yelp records. To do this, Yelp is pulling data from OCLC Library Spotlight program to supplement existing information about libraries.  Anything missing from a record, like hours, phone numbers, addresses and much more, has a significantly better shot at being in Yelp since it’s pulling from one centralized place.

The OCLC Library Spotlight program is a free service where any library can add, delete or update it’s profile on one site, and those changes will be reflected in the many places that OCLC feeds information, like Yelp. OCLC hopes to build more partnerships in an effort to provide and promote a convenient way for libraries to update their information for multiple locations.

This press release has more information about the exciting partnership.

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