U-M defeats Ohio State three times in life-saving donation contests

From the University Record & UMHS News:

The University of Michigan already has three wins over Ohio State this season, but the real winners are those who need the life-saving donations secured during annual challenges between the Wolverines and the Buckeyes.

Before even taking the football field for the big game, the Wolverines and Buckeyes went head-to-head trying to sign up more people to the state’s organ donor list, to the Be the Match Registry for bone marrow and to collect more pints of blood.

The U-M signed up 103,286 organ donors to Ohio State’s 37,799 in the Wolverine vs. Buckeye Challenge for Life that ended at midnight on Thanksgiving.

The U-M collected 2,575 pints of blood during the two-week Blood Battle contest, which is in its 32nd year. Ohio State collected 2,270.

The U-M signed up 300 new registrants to the Be the Match Registry for bone marrow donors in the Marrow Matchup, a new contest this year. Ohio State signed up 109 people.

Read more here.

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