That Other Thanksgiving Tradition

Many families across Michigan will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with turkey, sharing what they are thankful for with friends and family, and screaming at the TV as the Lions play their annual Thanksgiving Day game.  In honor of Megatron and his teammates, I wanted to promote a new book by Allen St. John and Ainissa G. Ramirez about the beloved sport of football, Newton’s Football: The Science Behind America’s Game.  I have not had a chance to read it yet, to be fair it was only just released on November 19th and I’ve had a bit of school work to get done before Thanksgiving Break, but based on the high praise both authors have received for their previous works,  written and spoken, I think it will prove to be a great read.  Listen to an interview with the authors on NPR New’s Tell Me More.

From the publishers:

In Newton’s Football, journalist and New York Times bestselling author Allen St. John and TED Speaker and former Yale professor Ainissa Ramirez explore the unexpected science behind America’s Game. Whether it’s Jerry Rice finding the common ground between quantum physics and the West Coast offense or an Ivy League biologist explaining—at a granular level—exactly how a Big Mac morphs into an outside linebacker, Newton’s Football illuminates football—and science—through funny, insightful stories told by some of the world’s sharpest minds. (Random House About the Book)

And be sure to enjoy your leftovers on Saturday at noon as you watch the Wolverines take on the Buckeyes, GoBlue!

Turkey Bowl Trophy By Seamster on  (CC BY NC SA)
Turkey Bowl Trophy By Seamster on (CC BY NC SA)

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