Delay in release of MEPS insurance component

From the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ):

There will be a delay in the release of tables containing 2012 state and local government estimates from the MEPS Insurance Component. Originally scheduled for posting in late November 2013, the tables will be released in early Spring 2014 instead. This delay also effects the 2012 MEPS-IC civilian tables. Note that 2012 MEPS-IC tables for the private  sector were posted in July 2013.

The MEPS-IC is collected and processed by the Bureau of the Census on behalf of AHRQ. Budget cuts resulting from the sequester and the lapse in appropriations during October 2013 contributed to this delay. The Bureau of the Census published a note on the sequester here and on delays due to the lapse in appropriations here

We apologize to data users who are adversely impacted by this change in the tables’ release date. Please contact the MEPS Project Director at if you need further information.

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