THL preparing for temporary closing during renovation

thl-move-alertThe Taubman Health Sciences Library (THL) building is about to close temporarily for a major renovation.

The library will remain open until closing time (11:45pm) on 22 December 2013.  As usual, the library will have extended exam hours beginning 8 December.

On 18 November 2013, the books that are still located in the THL building will be moved to the off-site facility. These books will be available on request for delivery to a campus office or library. Course reserves will remain at THL through closing time on 22 December.

The THL building will close on 23 December and is expected to reopen mid-2015. Throughout the duration of the renovation, all library services, resources and personnel will remain available.  Reserve materials will be provided electronically when possible. If this is not possible, the print version will be available at the Shapiro Library, which is open 24/7.  The library contact information will stay the same.

Please contact the library or your informationist with any questions or requests for library services. We’ll continue to update the THL website regarding accessing library resources and materials.

Remember, the buliding will close, but the library–staff, informationists, and collection–will be open!

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