Exquisite Corpses: Our Dialogue with the Dead in Museums

Mutter_hangingskeltonsAs part of  the “It’s Alive! Re-Discovering Institutions of Living Collections” theme of the Museum Studies Program, Robert Hicks, director of the Mütter Museum and Historical Library, College of Physicians of Philadelpha, will present the talk, “Exquisite Corpses: Our Dialogue with the Dead in Museums,” which explores visitors’ reactions to fascinating and disquieting post mortem human imagery by examining anatomical collections, and ownership of the dead.

  • Date:  20 November 2013
  • Time:  6:30pm
  • Location:  Helmut Stern Auditorium, University of Michigan Museum of Art

One thought on “Exquisite Corpses: Our Dialogue with the Dead in Museums

  1. Would love to come, but am getting old. The thought of driving an hour back to Toledo at 8 pm or so is a bit much.
    Thanks for including the ownership theme. I’ve read accounts of American Indians/Native Americans calling non-Indians on the carpet and more for the disrespect of their ancestors’ remains.
    On another note, a few years back I visited the “mummy museum” in Guanajuanto, Mexico when I was in this city visiting my husband (he was there for the summer taking a few law school courses which were transferable to the law school in Lubbock, TX).
    Husband didn’t want to go to the museum, so I went solo. Somehow navigated the bus system with my rudimentary Spanish (bus driver did not speak English). The museum was more fascinating than gruesome, at least to me. Could make out the gist of the “labels”. Also had a rather long conversation with a student (about age 13?) who was with a group at the museum. The young man initiated the conversation, and his English was excellent! His classmates surrounded us, so I guess I also provided some entertainment…

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