UM Faculty Accepted to Institute of Medicine

National Academy of Sciences
11a.NAS by Elvert Barnes CC BY 2.0

The Institute of Medicine, a nonprofit organization within the National Academy of Sciences that works to provide unbiased and authoritative advice on medical and health care issues, elected 70 new members this week, three of which are from the University of Michigan! Congratulations are in order for:

According to the Michigan Daily, Dr. Woolliscroft is looking forward to contributing to research and reporting on sub-committees related to health and safety. In the same article, he described the honor:

“Success is built on what people are willing to invest in you over the course of your career,” he said. “Now I see this as an opportunity to invest myself in others as people have done for me.”

There have been 53 UM representatives at the IOM over the years. Each member was elected by current members, then approved by a board based on their research and willingness to participate. There are currently 2,000 members who volunteer to act as advisers on the nations health care issues.


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