DREAM Launched!

DREAM Logo (2013)
DREAM Logo (2013)

MedEdPortal is an open access resource initiative from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The vision of MedEdPortal is to

  • Succeed as the most utilized, cited, and influential health education resource publication.
  • Serve as the premier clearinghouse of high-quality, peer-reviewed health education tools.
  • Promote interprofessional collaboration by facilitating the open exchange of educational resources across the health professions.
  • Equip healthcare professionals across the continuum with effective and efficient educational resources to improve patient care. (Vision)

You might have to register to access some content but it’s free.  Items in MedEdPortal are peer-reviewed so they are considered a peer review publication.   DREAM is the newest subset of the MedEdPortal.

The Directory and Repository of Educational Assessment Measures (DREAM), the newest subset of the MedEdPortal, is now open and ready to share its resources with health sciences educatorsdevelopers, and authors. DREAM seeks to

achieve excellence in health sciences education by providing easy-to-locate, publicly accessible information about assessment instruments to health science educators, educational researchers, and program/curriculum evaluators. (Mission Statement)

The repository contains assessments previously published in at least 2 peer-reviewed publications within the past 10 years and have available validity date in at least one publication. Assessments approaches include self-report, observational, quantitative and qualitative method.  You can search for instruments in DREAM by audience, assessment method, keyword, competency and speciality.  The Index of Health Professions Education Assessments have been created for each of the sub-sets of the eight competency domains.    Each index represents assessment data gathered from an ongoing systematic literature review.  Literature searches are an ongoing process to best reflect new developments in the field.

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