UMMS: Giving Thanks to Anatomical Donors

As I become more knowledgable about the medical education curriculum at UMMS, I truly believe medical student education really embodies the idea of learning by doing.  One of these important experiential learning opportunities is spending their entire first year in a group of six students with a single anatomical donor’s body, “moving together system by system and learning detailed anatomy, and both empathy and professional detachment” (UMMS News).

"Students" by Piotrek Chuchla, from The Noun Project  CC by 3.0
“Students” by Piotrek Chuchla, from The Noun Project CC by 3.0

UMMS has started a new program that provides future anatomical donors a chance to virtually connect with medical students through creating a video to be viewed only by future students.  The program is a result of studies conducted at the medical school which found that U-M medical students and registered donors favored some mechanism for connecting with students.

For more information about Anatomical Donation at U-M, please visit the Anatomical Donation Webpage.

Other recent discussions about the relationship between medical students and anatomical donors can be found in the following articles:

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Promoting Humanism in Gross Anatomy, Teaching and Learning in Medicine: An International Journal, 24:1, 49-54, DOI:

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(in press) Green C, et al., Attitudes of the medical profession to whole body and organ donation, The Surgeon (2013),

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