The American Diet: Lots of Cheese

The Center for Science in the Public Interest released a report card called “The Changing American Diet” yesterday and, as usual, there’s good news and there’s bad news. . Let’s start with the good news…


  • Eating less sugar, shortening, beef, whole milk and flour
  • Eating more chicken and yogurt
  • Eating about 100 less calories a day than in 2000-2007

Not so good..

  • We’re still eating about 500 more calories/day than in 1970
  • Fruits and vegetable intake hasn’t budged
  • Americans earned a D+ on sweeteners thanks to sugary drinks
  • We are eating A LOT of cheese, about 23 pounds/year

Overall, it seems that there are some positive trends underway, but they’re moving slowly. If Americans want a better report card, the

It’s time to eat less—less red meat, less cheese, less starches, and less sweets (and the shortening that they often contain). If Americans want straight A’s, they’ve got a little work to do.

I know- cutting down on cheese will be hard. But The Center for Science in the Public Interest has made a strong case for the cut back and it seems prudent to follow their lead. Or at least make sure you’re eating lots of grapes with your occasional cheesey treat.

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