New Resources from the NLM: Subject Guides

Have you ever REALLY wanted to know more about health statistics? What about library statistics? Conference Proceedings? Well, apparently a lot of people had questions on those topics and the ever vigilant librarians in the Public Services Division at the National Library of Medicine have responded! They have created a new set of subject guides to help patrons navigate these common questions.

I’m particularly excited about the health statistics guide. In my experience, students, researchers and other curious individuals oftentimes want information on the prevalence of a certain condition, but it can be hard to find reliable data without knowing where to look. Another interesting thing to note is that the library statistics page provides resources from both the US and some international sources, along with salary reports, standards and measurements, and organization and government agencies.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there- there’s going to be two new guides coming this fall on drug information and genetics/genomics. Stay tuned..

One thought on “New Resources from the NLM: Subject Guides

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