Too Much Coffee?

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So, I’m a relatively new coffee drinker.  I decided to make a switch from my beverage of choice, Diet Pepsi, in order to get that caffeine kick without artificial sweetener in the hopes that perhaps I am embracing a more healthy lifestyle (yeah, right…).  And while I’m new to the coffee arena, I have many friends who are avid drinkers, so I find this post from NPR interesting that describes a study that shows there are limits to how much coffee you should drink.  Of course, you know everything about limitations of studies and the ever useful phrase “it depends”, but in this post, it appears that the upper limit if you are under age 55 is 28 cups a week.  Huh.  Still seems like a pretty high cap to me, but of course, I’m a novice coffee drinker!

How Many Cups Of Coffee Per Day Are Too Many?
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That morning cup of Joe is a daily, practically sacred ritual for many of us. A large body of research has confirmed that a coffee habit is perfectly fine for most people, and may even have some health benefits – from fighting depression in women to lowering the risk of stroke and prostate cancer.

But is there too much of a good thing?

study published this week in Mayo Clinic Proceedingssuggests that when it comes to coffee, too much appears to be more than 28 cups per week, at least if you are under 55….

Read the full blog post here.

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