CDC Finds Childhood Obesity Declined

Here’s some good news from the CDC to start your day! According to a report released earlier this month, childhood obesity among low income preschoolers is on the decline. Here’s the breakdown:

CDC map
Figure 1. Decreases and increases in obesity prevalence. Adapted from “Vital Signs: Obesity Among Low-Income, Preschool-Aged Children — United States, 2008–2011” from CDC 2013.
  • Nineteen states saw decreases. Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, South Dakota, and the U.S. Virgin Islands showed the greatest decreases

  • Twenty states and Puerto Rico saw no significant change

  • Three states experienced increases

This has significant public health implications since childhood obesity often times translates into adulthood obesity and a myriad of health consequences. Understanding current trends on a state level helps guide the need for and impact of preventive programs.

The CDC doesn’t know specifically what accounts for the decrease, but suspects it’s the result of a host of federal, state and local initiatives that deal with this issue. Although there are many truly impressive programs, one highlighted in the report is Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative. The Move Your Body routine is s a fun, surprisingly athletic dance that makes fitness fun!

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