Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Ben King from The Noun Project, C.C. by 3.0

All of those lesson about teamwork you learned in summer camp are making a major reappearance in medical schools all over the country.

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released results from the Annual Medical School Graduation Survey that shows that nearly three quarters (73.4 perfect) of graduating medical students report that their education included interprofessional training with other healthcare professionals such as nurses, dentists, pharmacists, public health officials and others. This is a reflection of medical schools enhancing their programs  to address the real issues that physicians will face in their careers.

This shift is most likely attributable to the criticism that medical professionals tend to work in silos and don’t always maximize communication between other clinicians. This tendency can negatively impact patient outcomes and spending, but it looks like that might be getting better in the recent future thanks to the shift toward team-based learning in medical education.

The 2013 results also revealed that graduates are incurring more debt than the 2012 cohort– there was a 2% increase, leaving the average at a whopping  $135,084. Not surprisingly, in 2013 there was approximately 9 percent more students reported planning on entering a loan forgiveness program than in 2012, leaving the total at 38.1 percent.

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