BMJ’s Open Data Campaign

Attending Copyright Camp last week, I first heard about the BMJ’s Open Data Campaign.

Image from BMJ Open Data site
Image from BMJ Open Data site

On the campaign website, BMJ states that as of January of this year, it is not “publish[ing] any trial of drugs or devices where the authors do not commit to making the relevant anonymized patient level data available, upon reasonable request.” The previous system of “hidden clinical trial data,” where openness was not a requirement, results in “adverse outcomes.”

Part of the catalyst is attributed to the European Medicine Agency’s plan to share clinical trial data that is submitted by companies looking for approval across drugs and medical devices.

What’s more, BMJ is calling for your assistance. They have an online form where you can submit information on instances where drug data “has been hidden from public scrutiny.”

Trish Groves, BMJ’s deputy editor, has been blogging about the new(ish) campaign and why it is a necessary complement to the open access publishing movement, with specific attention to the trajectory for clinical trial data – a fascinating read!

2 thoughts on “BMJ’s Open Data Campaign

  1. Thanks for picking this up: we’re glad to hear that you’re interested.

    Small correction, though – the journal’s full, indexed, name has been for many years simply the BMJ. And, although there’s at least one very fine medical journal based in Boston, and we have an editor based in that lovely city, the BMJ is (formerly and I suppose formally) the British Medical Journal.

    Trish Groves
    Deputy editor, BMJ
    & Editor-in-chief BMJ Open

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