Do you know about UM’s Office of Tech Transfer?


The University of Michigan’s Office of Tech Transfer just had a session on their work as part of the  MLibrary’s Emergent Research series. Since a significant fraction of their work is with the University of Michigan’s Medical School, this blog should be a good venue for some complimentary outreach! Tech Transfer ‘s mission is to effectively transfer University technologies to the market so as to generate benefits for the University, the community and the general public.

That benefit can be monetary, or it can just be the increased impact of research happening at the University of Michigan with a broader audience.

Services are designed to help faculty, staff, researchers, and students with navigating the commercialization process for your work (even if that means putting a Creative Commons license on your software and putting it online – Tech Transfer helps with that, including hosting that software).

Tech Transfer can help navigate:

  • marketability
  • funding sources
  • commercial partners
  • start-up considerations
  • navigating the patent process (there’s legal counsel!)
  • licensing
  • revenue streams

The key points from the panel with Katherine Moynihan and Jack Miner were:

1. Talk to Tech Transfer early and often – even if you first start contemplating bringing your research to the market, give them a call, they’re friendly people!

2. There are a number of options for you and Tech Transfer is there to help you figure them out: whether it is opening up your work with Creative Commons licensing, or navigating the system toward commercialization.




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