UM Med School Wins AMA Grant to Revamp Medical Education Curriculum

Just 11 schools were awarded grants from the American Medical Association in response to their challenge, Accelerating Change in Medical Education, and the University of Michigan’s Medical School is one of the winners.

Over the coming five years, the University of Michigan Medical School will design and phase in changes to the current curriculum, while also working with the other AMA winners to establish best practices.

Dr. Rajesh Mangrulkar, the associate dean for medical student education points out:

“We need to bring medical education into the 21st century, where data-driven, team-based health care, grounded in science and quality, and informed by ethical, social and patient-centric factors, is the norm…Our new curriculum will ensure we produce doctors who will be ready to lead changes in different aspects of health care that will have an impact on patients and their communities.”

Read the full announcement from the University of Michigan Health System, and learn more about the AMA initiative and other winning schools here.

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