TRLN Management Academy Days 4 and 5


So the TRLN Management Academy Day 4 focused on leading and influencing others. I really enjoy exploring leadership because I have always been fascinated by why great leaders are great.  I don’t know about you, but I have always believed that I was meant to serve a greater purpose, and I spent most of my life trying to figure out what this was.  I do not believe that I am even close to an answer in either my professional or my personal life, but I did learn this yesterday…

In order to influence people, you need to inspire them. How do you inspire people?

Believe. Believe in something.

So here’s my inspirational statement. This why I choose to be a librarian:
I believe that information is the single most empowering commodity on the face of this Earth, and I believe all people have a right to be empowered.

So there it is.  If you want to be inspired more by someone who speaks better than me, then check out the TedX video by Simon Sinek who talks about why great leaders inspire at:

Finally, Day 5 was spent talking with two more great library directors and digesting everything we have learned this week.  I just want to say that the most meaningful parts of this incredible experiential learning academy has been how much I have gained by simply talking with my peers about these management concepts.  All of my fellow attendees have been open, honest, and very insightful.  Thanks to everyone who attended and lent me their ears, minds and hearts.  I’ll be talking with you soon to continue to get your fabulous opinions on the issues that I face.

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