TRLN Management Academy Day 3

IMG_0263Day 3 of the TRLN Management Academy (Hump Day!) was focused on project management. I can’t say that I am experienced in this area of management, but I can say that project management is probably the principle that I am most exposed to and most often expected of me.  I think that a lot of people feel like they understand the lifecycle of a project, whether they are the project lead or a team member, but honestly, people don’t.  Otherwise, I think there would be a lot more satisfaction with projects that are initiated.  I don’t believe this is intentional, but I think people forget all of the steps that should be considered during the lifecycle.  Today’s session was extremely helpful in providing me information on what all or most of these steps should be.

The tip that I found really useful today was a the key to developing an Effective Charge. Ooooh. I just had to do this, and I probably would have saved a lot a time and created a much better charge on one of my projects had I had this checklist.  So here it is for you, so that you can benefit from my lessons learned.

Characteristics of an Effective Charge

  • Clarity about the task
  • Rationale
  • Boundaries (ie. limitations – budget, etc)
  • Timeline
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Budget
  • Commitment and Communication

Oh, and by the way, having a charge for each of your projects?  Useful. Why? Can you justify your involvement on all of the projects you are working on? You can?  Great.  Can you complete all of them?  Can you prioritize them?  Can you demonstrate that to your manager? Huh.  I’m working on it.

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