TRLN Management Academy Day 2

IMG_0265Today’s TRLN Manageme nt Academy focused on change and change management.  We focused on a 7 step model that started at understanding the situation that created the need for change all the way to the consolidation of gains.  Libraries know all about change, right?  Let’s face it – we have a lot of drivers for change.  Let me count the ways…  Resource constraints, shifting academic output, technology innovation, evolving educational techniques, etc.  We practiced implementing a model for change using a computer simulation.  This is my second experience using a simulation to apply the concepts of a course. I find simulations to be a very low risk way to try to move out of your comfort zone and try new things.  The simulation involved learning about a GPS company and its need to adjust to a shifting customer market.  Our team ran the simulation five times. Exhausting but a really great way to try different tactics to achieve an optimal change management strategy.

The concept I found particularly helpful today is that change management involves competencies so you can become more skilled at it, the more experience you have with it.  Considering how many drivers for change exist for libraries, I think I should become pretty good at this at some point…

Oh and by the way, our team “won”.  🙂

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