The Health Datapalooza

Health Datapalooza: Challengepalooza Panel

Yesterday and today mark the fourth annual Health Datapalooza, sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services. The Health Datapalooza is designed to promote access to, awareness of, and use of the phenomenal collections of public access data sets which are collected and curated by the U.S. government about and for the American people, with the direct goals of improving health and informing health decisionmaking.

Health Datapalooza:

I missed the morning, but even just tracking the livestream for the afternoon was almost overwhelming. What I am picking out as an important theme in this year’s conversations and apps is the integration of personal data, using government data to make sense of personal data and health needs.

The real highlight of the afternoon was the Challengepalooza, in two ways. One was the introduction of several challenge opportunities, offering funding support or prizes for various stages of development projects, from identifying the need to concept to creating actual apps or resources.

I was blown away in particular by the very practical and insightful contributions by Sara Holoubek on types of data, strategies for engaging communities, and basically how to manage a challenge successfully.

Health Datapalooza: Challengepalooza: Sara Holoubek

A few of the highlighted apps ā€¦

Health Datapalooza: Aetna CarePass Health Datapalooza: Cerora Health Datapalooza: StickK Health Datapalooza: iMedicare Health Datapalooza: TicTrac Health Datapalooza: Wellframe Health Datapalooza: TotBytes Health Datapalooza: Super Mommy'O Health Datapalooza: Health Datapalooza: Data Design Diabetes Health Datapalooza: Health Datapalooza: What's My M3? Health Datapalooza: My Fitness Pal Health Datapalooza: Nuduro Health Datapalooza: Body Media Health Datapalooza: One in One Hundred

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