One-stop Health Sciences Funding Portal

At the University of Michigan we’re pretty blessed to have access to the plethora of resources our university has – but navigating those resources when they’re managed by a variety of different schools and departments can be challenging. In an effort to address that challenge, your liaison librarians have developed a research guide that aims to consolidate the disparate resources at your disposal: the Health Sciences Grant Information Portal, or HS-GIP. The guide takes you through the steps of the funding cycle:

  1. Finding funding sources
  2. Grant writing
  3. Post-award processing

This post will walk you through a couple of the guide’s key features, then leave you to explore and give us your feedback if you so desire!

The main page lets you navigate – via the gold tabs – to funding resources for students, health-sciences specific funding (more on that below) and general funding databases that let you search across disciplines & funding types:


That Health Sciences Specific Funding tab I mentioned earlier leads you to an area that encompasses information on specific government agencies, including NIH, NSF, and the DoD:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.22.06 AM

There is also an  area to help you locate collaborators, whether within your research field or if you are looking for interdisciplinary participants:

hgip collaborators

I hope you’ll forgive me for including a plug for my 2nd year project as a ULA – but you can also find a link to the wonderful portal (U Mich log-in required) – which is geared toward faculty looking for foundation funding on the main page:


Is there anything you’d like to see on the Health Sciences Grant Information Portal, or have any other suggestions? Send us an email at:

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