Rewarding Open Access – Nominations for the Accelerating Science Award Program

A new award, with major sponsorship from Google, the Public Library of Science (PLoS) and the Wellcome Trust, seeks to reward pioneers for the social good byawarding $30,000 to three people who have “applied scientific research published through open access” – in ANY field – for the benefit of society.

Open Access Logo

The official award site is here, and the application period closes June 15th, 2013 – so hop to it!

Nominees should be people and/or teams that have:

  • Used
  • Applied
  • or remixed scientific research published through open access.

Examples of nominees (so far) include:

bioinformatics team repurposes existing source codes used for searching genomic data associated with individual cancer tumors to create a new open source algorithm and web tool that can search multiple tumor types simultaneously, enabling faster and more comprehensive searches by oncologists for use in clinical treatment of cancer patients.


patient advocate creates a new web community for individuals with a rare genetic disorder and their families; this website curates existing and newly available open access research about causes and treatment protocols, and offers interpretative science articles and a user forum to help nonscientist readers better understand the science presented.

Some rules*:

  • Teams are eligible
  • Self-nominations are totally kosher

Nomination forms are here, and there is an award FAQ as well.

*NOT the full suite of rules – see the entire set of guidelines here.

Follow the conversation at #SciASAP.

The award is also supported by:


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