Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): Oh DSM, How We Love to Hate You (Week of May 6, 2013)

I’ve been hearing more and more stories about the upcoming release of the DSM V (Diagnostic and Statical Manual of Mental Disorders). While there have always been points of contention regarding the structure and contents of the DSM, this month introduced a tangible split from the use of the manual. Here’s what I found under the #DSM hashtag about the dispute.

I decided to explore #Psychology further on Twitter and see what else might be going on around the world.

In exploring the #psychology hashtag, I found out that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I went on to review hashtags related to that effort including #mhm2013, #mhmwellness and #mentalhealthmatters.

Thursday was Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Sadly, there was not a standardized hashtag for it, so the information ended up being spread between a variety of conversations including #MentalHealth, #SpeakUpForKids, #HeroesofHope, #pediatrics, and #endstigma.

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