Shopping for Health Insurance

I heard e-Patient Dave speak at a conference last year.  Great story, great message.

In this blog post, he talks about shopping for health insurance, a story which is sadly familiar to myself and many others, I am sure.

I keep hearing disparaging things about what lousy consumers patients are – unable to understand how things work, unable to understand the options. Well, as I often say in my speeches, in any other industry you go out of business if consumers don’t understand you – because customers ditch you. But in medicine we consumers can’t easily do that. Heck, we can hardly get our hands on information in the first place.

Case in point: when I shopped for health insurance in 2011, I found out just how slanted the table is when companies offer insurance and consumers buy it.


Which one would you choose? Your answer may be different from mine: do you anticipate lots of bills or little? That’s always the choice with insurance – and you can’t answer it if you don’t understand how each option plays out.

Said differently: You can’t be an informed consumer if you don’t have information you understand.

Read the full blog post (and others) here.

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