Updates to National Guidelines Clearinghouse Features

The National Guidelines Clearinghouse (also known as guidelines.gov, from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) is an ever-evolving resource for practice guidelines.

It’s latest feature is the Guideline Matrix, that lets you customize criteria for locating practice guidelines. You can find the guideline matrix from the main page:


You can create interesting matrices – the default is sorted by “Clinical Specialty” rows and “Methods Used to Analyze the Evidence” columns (i.e., meta-analysis, systematic review, etc.)

Options for rows and columns include:

  • Guideline category
  • Clinical specialty
  • Intended users (including advanced nurses, dentists, dieticians, etc.)
  • Methods used to collect/select the evidence
  • Methods used to assess the quality and strength of the evidence
  • Methods used to analyze the evidence
  • Methods used to formulate the recommendations
  • Methods of guideline validation
  • implementation tools
  • IOM care need
  • IOM domain
  • Guideline developer(s)

In the resulting matrix, each of the numbers is a live link to all of the guidelines that match those criteria:


You can also download your custom matrix into Excel with the “Download this table” button at the bottom right corner of the matrix.

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