Using patient-reported data to improve chronic disease care

The new issue of AHRQ’s Innovations Exchange describes several new tools that allow patients to track information esaily and share it with clinicians to improve health care.

    • The featured Innovations describe a tool that uses self-reports from patients with diabetes to generate intervention options, a self-assessment for patients with mental illness that improves communication with providers, and a smartphone application that allows patients with Crohn’s disease to track health information and share it with providers.
    • The featured QualityTools include a pre-visit questionnaire for asthma patients, a quality-of-life assessment for diabetes patients, and a tool to help patients track and monitor their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, diet, and physical activity.
    • Read more innovation profiles related to the use of technology and patient-reporting to improve chronic disease care on the Innovations Exchange Web site, which contains more than 775 searchable innovations and 1,525 QualityTools.

One thought on “Using patient-reported data to improve chronic disease care

  1. Another interesting technology development as healthcare and drug development accelerates to meet the demand for faster approvals and greater availability of life saving therapies.

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