Updates on bird flu in China

From the New York Times:

A report on three of the first patients in China to contract a new strain of bird flu paints a grim portrait of severe pneumonia, septic shock and other complications that damaged the brain, kidney and other organs. All three died.

So far, the disease has killed 10 people in China and has sickened more than 20 others in the last two months, and new cases are reported every day. The illness is caused by a virus called H7N9 that patients contract from birds but that does not seem to spread from person to person.

The new report, by a team of researchers from China, was published Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine along with a commentary from American health officials, who said the disease “raises many urgent questions and global public health concerns.”

Read the complete story here.  Read the article in the New England Journal of Medicine [Gao, R et al. Human Infection with a Novel Avian-Origin Influenza A (H7N9) Virus. NEJM, April 11, 2013DOI:  10.1056/NEJMoa1304459]  here.

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