World TB Day


World Tuberculosis Day was on March 24, 2013.  Recognized each year on this day, World TB Day marks the day in 1882 that Dr. Robert Koch announced the cause of tuberculosis as the Myobacterium tuberculosis bacillus.  Today, TB infects one third of the world’s population and in 2011, around 1.4 million people around the world died from TB (see CDC’s TB Data and Statistics).

The Centers for Disease Control  joined the global Stop TB Partnership in adopting the slogan “Stop TB in my lifetime.”  Founded in 2001, the Partnership’s mission is to serve every person who is vulnerable to TB and ensure that high-quality treatment is available to all who need it. CDC joins the Partnership in trying to achieve a TB free world.

Read more about CDC’s efforts and how you can be involved with TB awareness at:

“CDC and its domestic and international partners, including theNational TB Controllers AssociationStop TB USA, and the global Stop TB Partnership, are taking many steps to stop further spread of TB and to reduce the overall burden of the disease. Efforts range from developing new treatment regimens and increasing the capacity of health professionals to provide adequate treatment, to issuing new recommendations for improved testing and treatment for U.S. immigrants.”

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