Stigma associated with mobile device use?

Along the same lines of last Monday’s post.

From iMedical Apps:

Last year I gave my brother an iPad for his birthday since he was starting his rotations as a 3rd year medical student and I knew he would be doing more mobile learning since most of his time would be spent in the wards.

He had downloaded medical iBooks and other medical apps to help him on his clerkship rotations and the initial experiences with the iPad were great. He was using a logitech keyboard case (our favorite for physicians) and stated he hardly used his laptop anymore. He said his iPad was great for looking up clinical reference material during and in between rounds — enabling him to “learn on the go”.

CC image courtesy JaredEarle on Flickr
CC image courtesy JaredEarle on Flickr

When I checked in with him during his 3rd clerkship rotation, his enthusiam had markedly dampened.

He told me he had stopped using his iPad in his current rotation — citing a bad evaluation as the reason.

Read the full article and comments here.

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