Your Appetite, Your Workout

If you’ve been to the gym (any gym, really) recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed the influx of patrons hopping up on the cardio machines in earnest efforts at New Years resolutions.

I’ve written before about two of the main factors for maintained weight loss: diet and exercise. And the theme arises again, in no doubt because we’re so focused on both these aspects, particularly at this time of year. A recent article from my favorite New York Times Well Blog points to new research highlighting the linkages between not only the type of exercise, but the amount of time you stick with it, and its impacts on your appetite. Namely, regular exercise helps regulate overeating. There’s a tangible benefit if I’ve ever read one!

Image from Dan Empfield at Slowtwitch
Image from Dan Empfield at Slowtwitch

There are a few catches, of course (nothing’s ever easy, is it?). Benefits such as appetite regulation took about three months to appear, and running looked to be a more effective form of exercise for that than walking, according to two recent studies.  So keep at it, New Year’s resolutions gym buffs – you’re 1/3 of the way there!

The studies mentioned in the Well Blog are linked below:

Impact of Chronic Exercise on Appetite Control in Overweight and Obese Individuals 

Influence of running and walking on hormonal regulators of appetite in women

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