Beyond dissemination: CDC Twitter chats

CDCsomedia_logoNever participated in a Twitter chat, but want to?  Want to know about upcoming Twitter chats from the CDC?  Here’s the information you need!

For first time Twitter chat participants

If you have don’t have a Twitter account, it’s easy to establish one. First think of a unique profile name (it could describe the subject that you’re most interested in for Twitter), a biography (a 160 character description of your profile) and an image to display in the header. Log into to get started. You can review some established accounts to get ideas.

So that all Twitter chat participants can view your tweets, please be sure your Tweet Privacy setting is set at the default (the box is left unchecked.) This can be found under Settings.

If you have never participated in a Twitter chat, it’s easy to follow the conversation. Simply login into your account and type the designated hashtag (i.e., #CDCchat) for the specific chat in the search box. All tweets associated with the chat will display in the feed.

To simply follow the conversation without establishing an account, you may search the designated chat hashtag at this link:

Upcoming Twitter chats

Binge drinking:  January 16 2:00pm EST – Follow @DrFriedenCDC on Twitter and use the hashtag #CDCchat during the chat.

Cervical cancer:  January 17 11:00am EST – Follow the chat using the hashtag #CDCCancerChat.

Birth defects:  January 23 2:00pm EST – Follow @DrBoyleCDC and @DrPeacockCDC from CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities and use hashtag #1in33chat.

Heart health and a low-sodium diet:  January 25, 1:00pm EST – Use the hashtag #SodiumChat.


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