MCubed and THL Librarians


Taubman Health Sciences Library librarians, Mark MacEachern and Jean Song, were selected in the last round of MCubed funding.  “MCubed is a two-year seed-funding program designed to empower interdisciplinary teams of University of Michigan faculty to pursue new initiatives with major societal impact. The program minimizes the time between idea conception and successful research results by providing immediate startup funds for novel, high-risk and transformative research projects. The funds are intended to generate data for groundbreaking, high-impact publications, or preliminary results for new, innovative research proposals. The program also includes high-visibility, campus-wide research symposia to showcase the resulting groundbreaking research.”

  • Mark’s project, with partners, Joel Gagnier and Hal Morgenstern, is called:
    Core outcome measures for rotator cuff disorders

    The selection of appropriate outcomes or domains is crucial when designing clinical trials in order to compare directly the effects of different interventions in ways that minimize bias. If the findings are to influence policy and practice then the chosen outcomes need to be relevant and important to key stakeholders including patients and the public, health care professionals and others making decisions about health care. There is a growing recognition that insufficient attention has been paid to the outcomes measured in clinical trials. A recent review of the measurement properties of patient reported outcome measures for rotator cuff disorders revealed a large selection of diverse measures, many with questionable validity, reliability and responsiveness. These issues could be addressed through the development and use of an agreed standardized collection of outcomes, known as a core outcome set (COS), which should be measured and reported in all trials for a specific clinical area. These sets do not imply that outcomes in a particular trial should be restricted to those in the COS. Rather, there is an expectation that the core outcomes will always be collected and reported, and that researchers will continue to explore other outcomes. The purpose of the present project is to develop a COS for rotator cuff disorders. The methods will include a comprehensive systematic literature review and assessment of the properties of outcome measures, identifying and involving relevant stakeholders, and using consensus based methods.

  • Jean’s project, with partners Chuck Burant and Ryan Mills, is called:
    Scientific Needs Assessment and Analysis of Bioinformatics Tools to Support Clinical & Translational Research

    tranSMART is a global open source community using and evolving a data sharing and analysis platform to accelerate clinical and translational research. The tranSMART community includes pharmaceutical and for-profit companies, nonprofit, academic, patient advocacy, and government stakeholders. The tranSMART value proposition relies on its members, who are the best source of innovation. This project will work with early adopters (researchers and their teams) at the University of Michigan to understand scientific workflows, analysis needs and data sharing requirements to support their ongoing research. Results of this project will be used to guide continued development of tranSMART to support research at the University of Michigan and the global community more generally.

To learn more about MCubed, go to:

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