Safe Toys & Gifts Month

It’s that time of year when many of us boldly venture to malls or shops on Main Street, in spite of the inevitable holiday crush of shoppers just like us, in search of that elusive perfect gift for their loved ones too.

With the overwhelming nature of this season, particularly amid the crush of finals and holiday travel plans, for those of you shopping for little ones, take some time to think about toy safety. December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month.

Prevent Blindness America recommends that when shopping, you:

  • Buy age-appropriate toys.
  • Look for toys and other gifts that meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety standards.
  • Review warnings on the toy’s box.
  • Avoiding shooting toys that have pieces that shoot or fly off.
  • Remember that BB guns, air guns, and paintball guns are not really toys. (Sorry, Ralphie, your Mom was right. They can shoot your eye out.)

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has a number of helpful publications on toy safety. Many of the tips are commons sense recommendations, but in the rush of the season a reminder can’t hurt.

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