Redesign the EMR

Are you a designer? Do you just hate the current way that the electronic medical record is viewed (particularly, the text-only Blue Button from Veteran’s Affairs)?

Then you might want to hibernate with your computer for the next couple of days as you redesign the electronic medical record (EMR) for a cash prize, and you know, the benefits of moving health forward via meaningful technologies.

Image from

Created by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, and with cash incentive prizes ranging from $1,000 to $16,000 from the philanthropic organization The Designer Fund, this is definitely a challenge to keep an eye on, if not participate in.

Designs could impact MyHealtheVet, the patient-facing portal for veterans and their families to access medical data.

Here’s every resource you need about the competition:

  • The official White House Challenge page for the competition
  • The GitHub/Blue Button page, full of useful information like the reviewer panel for the challenge, and online inspiration resources like TedMed lectures and examples of successful medical redesign efforts.
  • The obligatory Tech Crunch article covering the challenge.

Submissions are required to be licensed under Creative Commons (Veteran’s Affairs has a long tradition of open access resources – VistA anyone?). Deadline for design submissions is November 30th – have at it!

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