CareZone – Social media for health

From the New York Times:

Social media is about sharing ever more information about ourselves with an ever-larger crowd. But some of the most valuable information, about things like health and children, needs to be kept close. Now there is a social site for that, too, and it comes from a well-known name in technology.

Jonathan Schwartz, the former chief executive of Sun Microsystems, is cofounder of CareZone, a service that enables families to organize care of their loved ones. CareZone provides secure storage of patient information like medical records and prescriptions, plus critical phone numbers and digitized documents associated with care, like insurance information. There is also a journal feature, for keeping notes on things patent conditions and future appointments.

“It’s a biological reality that we are all going to take care of somebody,” says Mr. Schwartz, who oversaw the sale of Sun to Oracle in 2009. “You need a safe place to keep information about things like doctors, care and medicines. You need to be able to share that with your spouse, your immediate family and trusted neighbors.”

Read the complete story here.

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