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Where can I find reliable health information available in Chinese?

What steps can I take to control diabetes?

How can I keep healthy?

Do you have these questions and want to find the answers in Chinese? From our work at outreach events, such as the Annual Asian American Health Fair, we know that many people do. The place to go is MedlinePlus, a website created by the National Library of Medicine. It contains reliable, up-to-date health information that’s easy to understand, for patients and health professionals alike. The Taubman Health Sciences Library has created a new video to show you how to find health information that is available in Chinese.





您是否也有類似的問題,並且想找到中文解答呢?我們通過參與一年一度的亞裔健康節等外聯活動,得知許多人都有同樣的疑惑。 MedlinePlus可以為您提供幫助。它是美國國家醫學圖書館創建的網站,為患者和醫學專家們提供可靠的、最新的健康資訊,內容簡明易懂。

Taubman健康科學圖書館 制作了最新全中文MedlinePlus的教學視頻,教您如何在MedlinePlus上查尋中文醫學訊息。

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